Seepferdchen gewinnt den Preis für den besten dokumentarischen Kurzfilm beim Atlanta Film Festival. Mit dem Preisgewinn ist der Film für die Academy Awards 2022 qualifiziert. In der Jurybegründung heißt es: »In Seahorse, we found a beautiful story of a woman named Hanan, who takes the pain and trauma from her experience crossing the Mediterrenean as a refugee and uses that to heal herself and those around her, including her younger brother who crossed alongside her. With stunning imagery and a deeply intimate interview, we found ourselves inextricably connected to Hanan’s crossing and her determination to move forward. Through environmental cinematography, symbolic reflections on the power of water, and creative depictions of bodies moving through a pool, we felt a visceral connection to the characters’ harrowing experience and their courage to get in the water again after almost drowning at sea. We were profoundly impressed by the filmmaker’s sensitivity in sharing a difficult story in a way that kept focus on Hanan’s strength and courage, leaving us all feeling astonished by the power of humanity to not just overcome trauma, but to create something new and life-giving with it.«